Boys’ Renaissance Outfits: Great Designs, Unique Styles

Like the small girls’ costumes, a wide variety of outfits for the little boys can also be found these days. These costumes are also the similar to those, which are available for the adults. And only the sizes of these outfits are shortened. Coats, vests, shirts, tabards and vests in the medieval and renaissance styles are available for the boys in the recent times. Some of the characteristics of the boys’ costumes popular in the present scenario include: Costumes Available in the Patterns Read more [...]

Girls’ Medieval and Renaissance Clothing: Perfect like Adult Costumes

We all know that the kids are also very interested towards the ethnic outfits of the medieval and the renaissance periods. A variety of medieval/renaissance costumes are available for kids, which are designed on the lines of the adults’ costumes. The girls’ costumes are also significant to mention in this regard. Some of the outfits of the girls that are popular these days are: Single or Multiple Layer Skirts with Distinct Designs: Single layer, two layer and three layer skirts are available Read more [...]

Some Facts about Renaissance Costumes

The costumes of the renaissance age would tell the person’s social statuses; however, the difference had become less during this era, as compared to the medieval era. Velvet, satin and cotton were usually recognized as the rich fabrics and aristocrats would wear the costumes made up of them. On the other hand, the poor people such as peasants would wear the costumes of flannel and other cheaper materials. There were a variety of renaissance costumes of the peasants also, which were made through Read more [...]

Some Interesting Varieties of Renaissance Costumes

The renaissance age was the period, which is still remembered by a large number of fashion lovers in the recent times. These renaissance costumes are flamboyant and are worn by a number of men and women in the present scenario. Some of the perfect outfits of that period include: Costumes of Queen Elizabeth I of England: Queen Elizabeth was a great trendsetter of her time. She had collected around three thousand gowns upon her death. Her styles of gowns are even supposed to be perfect to wear as Read more [...]

Influence of Hippie Movement on Steampunk Fashion

There are a number of cultures in the recent times, which have provided the stuff to the fashion world. Hippie culture is one of the big names in this respect. Hippie culture is actually a youth movement, which started in mid 1960s in United States. The influence of the hippie culture can be witnessed on the popular music, films, literature, clothing and a lot more. Besides, it has also provided the stuff to the different cultures, in fashion, literature and many other aspects. The most popular Read more [...]

Some Significant Qualities of Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I of England was one of the most famous monarchs of England in history. She had some great qualities, which are remembered in the present scenario also. Some of the qualities that we can name include: Dedication towards Nation: Because of her dedication towards nation, she decided to remain virgin throughout her life. This dedication may be the subject of inspiration for a large number of people in the present scenario. Trendsetting: She was also a great trendsetter of history. Read more [...]

Get the Perfect Medieval/Renaissance Style with a Complete Garb Set

If you are getting prepared for going to the renaissance festivals and you are finding it difficult to make the perfect match, then you can choose the wonderful options provided by several website. And, this option is to buy the complete garb sets that are available for both men and women in the recent times. A number of experts have presented the perfect match for the people of different medieval or renaissance costumes, which can be purchased in the sets. The men can buy the set of shirts and Read more [...]

The Society in England at the Time of Tudors

The Tudor Era is one of the most popular periods in European history. It was a major part of renaissance age in England. The Tudor society is also one of them, whose trends are followed by a large number of people. Like rest of Europe, this society in England was also divided into the communities like royals, nobles, aristocrats, commoners, peasants and pirates. The royals included the Tudors monarchs and their families. Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I were the Tudor monarchs, Read more [...]

Elizabethan Merchants: Provide the Perfect Renaissance Products

There is a lot to say about the renaissance age. But, what you get in the reenactment activities is undoubtedly incomparable. These activities are performed in renaissance festivals and some other events. Moreover, buying the renaissance products is also one of the perfect choices of a large number of men and women in the present scenario. A number of Elizabethan merchants are available these days in various parts of USA and Canada, who provide the desired products or services to the lovers of Read more [...]

Tudor Jewelry: Enjoy the Tudor Royal Culture in Them

There are a variety of Tudor trends that can be found in the fashion world in the recent times. We have already told you about the Tudor style renaissance costumes. Apart from them, many other accessories can be obtained by the men and women in the present scenario. The jewelry in the patterns of Tudors is one of the perfect accessories in this regard. You can find two types of ornaments under the Tudor jewelry. First, the jewelry of the Tudor Kings and queens, has gained a huge popularity among Read more [...]