Medieval Costumes of Ruling Class and Nobles: The Showy Trends of the Middle Ages

In the medieval era, the ruling class people and the individuals from the noble class societies were known for wearing the flamboyant medieval costumes. These people would live the aristocratic lifestyles. Their styles were popular in the western world in the present scenario as well. Still, the decency can be witnessed in the medieval clothing as it is a known fact that the medieval era was the period of the religiousness. The showiness in the costumes of the ruling class and nobles can be seen Read more [...]

How to Get the Makeover of Queen Elizabeth I of England

Queen Elizabeth I of England is most famous among the fashion freak monarchs of the renaissance age.  Her styles of renaissance costumes are still popular among the women. A number of women like to get the makeover of the queen. In this article, we will give some tips to the women for getting the makeover of the queen. Get a gown in Elizabethan style. The Elizabethan gowns have become highly popular in the western world in the recent times. These gowns are also worn by the ladies as the bridal Read more [...]

Role of Publications in the Renaissance Fashion Trends

When the printing had started in Europe, it had changed the scenario in the distinct ways. The published books had reached in the hands of more and more people, which had made them aware about distinct aspects of art and culture. Interestingly, it had also put the influence on the clothing styles of the people. The new age renaissance costumes had also come in the limelight because of the new publications. A number of books were written by various authors for starting the fashion for the men and Read more [...]

The Trendsetter Monarchs of Renaissance Age

The kings and queens of the renaissance age had enriched the fashion world in the sixteenth century. This was the era when the renaissance age was started in entire Europe. The renaissance costumes started by these kings and queens are still liked by a large number of people in the recent times without any second thought. King Francis I of France was the first true trendsetter in Europe. He ruled from 1515 to 1547. As a way of asserting his leadership, he challenged the royal court’s members Read more [...]

Costumes of the Viking Women: Really a Wonderful Idea

Everyone who is aware of the medieval history knows about the Vikings. The Vikings were the pirates of the medieval era, who were active in Asia, Europe and North Atlantic. Interestingly, the medieval costumes of these Vikings are also widely famous in the recent times. But, the thing that can attract more attention of the individuals may be the pirate clothing of Viking women. It is a known fact that there were the Viking women in history. The names of some of them can also be found in the sagas. Read more [...]

Knights: The High Class Warrior of Medieval Era

When we hear about knights, the image that comes in our minds is of the medieval warfare, the jousting events and a lot more. Some instances of the jousting events can be witnessed today in several themed events such as the renaissance festivals and medieval festivals. The knights were recognized the high class warriors of the medieval era. These warriors would often be recruited from the nobles. They would wear the warrior style costumes with some symbols. The medieval costumes of knights are Read more [...]

Nobles: The High Ranked Officers of the Medieval Era

The nobles had the great importance in the society in the medieval and the renaissance eras. They were at the second position in society after royals. These were the families who had the high positions in the court. They would live the aristocratic lifestyles. The noblemen and noblewomen had several privileges, which the common people didn’t have. The high ranks such as knights were also provided to the nobles; however, there were the exceptions also in this regard. Besides, many of these people Read more [...]

Medieval Outfits: Highly Dependent upon the Social Statues

The medieval era was the period of diversities, which also impacted the clothing styles of the people of that era also. It was a feudal society with the hierarchy of royals, nobles, aristocrats, commoners, peasants and farmers. The clothing styles of the people of that era were highly dependent upon their social statuses. Some of the communities, whose style of outfits got the fame include: Royals: These were the ruling class people of that era. They would live the aristocratic lifestyles and Read more [...]

Medieval Fashion: The Fashion with Diversity

The outfits in the medieval style have enticed a wide range of fashion freaks in the present scenario. When the undying efforts are put into the design, the romanticized versions make a great appeal to the medieval costumes. These outfits range from the royal style wardrobes of the kings, queens, princes and princesses to the attires of the knights, peasants and farmers. This instantly creates the imagery in minds of the swordplay, warfare, simple living and a lot more aspects of the medieval era. Read more [...]

Some Tidbits from History of Fashion

History of the fashion trends has gained a widespread fame in the recent times. The history is very long, but it keeps a great significance when it starts from the medieval era. The fashion of medieval era afterwards is gaining the fame in the recent times. In the medieval times, the people used to live the simple lifestyles, so a number of outfits of that time are of decent patterns; however, the touch of flamboyance can be seen in the wardrobes of the royals and nobles. After the medieval era, Read more [...]